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Instrument Donation Program

Craven Concerts collects donations of musical instruments that are no longer being used. We repair them if needed, and give them to the Craven and the Jones County Schools. This enables students who cannot afford to rent or purchase musical instruments to participate in the schools’ music programs. All types of instruments are welcome, but especially needed are band instruments such as clarinets, saxophones, oboes, trombones, French horns, tubas and trumpets. The Drive can no longer accept pianos. Since January, 2017, Craven Concerts has provided over sixty instruments to the Craven County and Jones County Schools.

With the help of grants from the Harold H. Bate Foundation, the New Bern Woman’s Club and individual contributions, Craven Concerts has established a fund to pay for the repairs and to fund instrument rentals if needed.

Donations of musical instruments, as well as monetary donations to the fund, are tax-deductible. All donors of instruments will receive an acknowledgement from Craven Concerts and an estimate of the instrument’s value by Fuller’s Music. Instruments to be donated may be dropped off at either Fuller’s Music or Mitchell Hardware in New Bern. Monetary contributions may be sent to Craven Concerts, PO Box 12213, New Bern, NC 28561-2213. For more information about this program contact Irving Joffee at (252) 772-8142.

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