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Mission Statement

Craven Concert’s goal is to offer every man, woman and child in this area the opportunity to experience the magic of live performances by bringing artists and audiences together.

The concept of providing live, professional entertainment to communities throughout the United States was originated by Columbia Artists Management as Community Concerts, Inc. The objective was to nurture and support a permanent concert-going audience base through a not-for-profit arts organization at the local level.  Craven County Concerts Association was founded by a group of performing arts minded individuals in 1947, and in the 1980’s the name was changed to Craven Concerts, Inc.

Our annual series is now a tradition that contributes significantly to the cultural atmosphere of the area by bringing artists and audiences together through the magic of live performances. 


In-school performances

Another main objective is to provide Craven and surrounding counties’ students with in-school performances that foster their appreciation for the performing arts, add an experience as concert-goers and integrate performances into their curriculum.   For example, each year Charlotte based Opera Xpress performs a fairy tale opera for all area third graders after the students have been given extensive education in voice parts and character roles.  Guest artists also present in-school performances adapted to the students’ level.

Reciprocal Program

Craven Concerts also participates in a Reciprocal Program with the Beaufort Community Concerts Association. You may access their calendar at​. Craven Concerts has become a mainstay of the arts in Craven and surrounding counties, and we appreciate the continuing support of the community.

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