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 Instrument Donation Program

Many students are already learning to play an instrument in school, a skill that will help enrich their lives. For many students, renting or purchasing an instrument is unaffordable.You, your family or your friends might be able to help a student. If you have an instrument gathering dust in a closet or in the attic, consider donating it through Craven Concerts to a student who otherwise would never have the opportunity to play. We then take the instrument to Fuller’s Music for an appraisal and estimate of the cost to refurbish it. We will provide you a written estimate of its worth for tax purposes. The instrument is tuned, polished, and brought back to life, using the funds from the above grants. It is then donated to the Craven County School system for student use.  The school determines the deserving child who receives the instrument.         

Instruments to be donated may be dropped off at Mitchell's Hardware, Craven County Board of Education, River Bend Town Hall, Realo in Bridgeton and Fuller Music. We have had 31 band instruments donated as of April 1, 2017.

If you have an instrument to donate, please call (252)637-1119 and leave a message, or if you have any questions about the program you may call Irv Joffee at 772-8142.

On January 30, 2017, we held a reception to initiate our Musical Instrument Donation program at the Chamber of Commerce. In attendance were David Hale of the  Board of Education, Jennifer Wagner and Dr. Meghan Doyle of the Craven County School System, Chamber of Commerce Members, Grant Providers and Donors of Instruments. At that event three Craven County Students were presented with Instruments that had been donated and refurbished. They and their family members were thrilled to receive them. Click here to see pictures from that party.

A donation that will be appreciated by many people is a Baby Grand Piano donated by Barbara Woodruff. It has been placed at Grover C. Fields Performing Arts Center. To view the acceptance of the piano by Mary Peterson, Board President and Emily Helling, Board Member, click here for pictures.

Opera for 3rd graders at Grover C. Fields Middle School on October 4, 2016

Opera Express presented the "Tortoise and the Hare", an opera based on a children’s story to the delight of the audience. This may be the only time that these children may have the opportunity to view and interact with an opera company. This is a multifaceted educational experience for the children, who have read the story, interact during the opera then follow-up with writing about it. Click here for photos of that event.

Alina Kiryayeva, renowned concert pianist, presents a master class at Havelock  High School auditorium on December 2, 2016

Alina wowed the audience of Craven County Public School 5th graders from Arthur Edwards Elementary , W.J.Gurganus Elementary, Graham A. Barden Elementary and Havelock Elementary (approximately 500 attendees) as well as another 125 High School Band and Chorus members. They were amazed and mesmerized and now many of them are asking rigorous questions about how the songs they study in class have different stories and musical elements. She truly sparked some excitement in young children learning an instrument, especially the piano. Not a sound was heard during the performance until they were asked to sing the song they had been taught in preparation for this event to her accompaniment.They had never heard anyone play like Alina live and it truly took them by surprise. Our goal is to provide this level of expert performance to as many of the children in Craven County as possible. The grants and donations we receive make events such as this possible.

Next event: A program to be presented by the Equinox Little Big Band in May.

2016-2017 Outreach

Funding for our 2016-2017 Season Outreach Programs has come from the following: Grants from NC Community Foundation, Richard Chapman Cleve Fund, The Harold H. Bate Foundation, Inc. and the New Bern Woman's Club. We are very grateful to these groups as well as our Patrons, Donors, Benefactors and Sponsors who support us in these efforts.

This Year's Programs:

In addition to bringing nationally recognized musical talent to New Bern, Craven Concerts sponsors a musical outreach program for our school students.  This year we are starting a new program of instrument donation.


Opera for Third Graders performed on October 4, 2016

In October 2015, all third grade children in Craven and Jones counties were bused to Grover C. Fields for the annual program presented by Opera Xpress of Charlotte.  For many children, this was their first experience with a live program on stage.  It was presented in the AM and PM to accommodate all the children.

The opera was How Nanita Learned to Make Flan.  This story was based on the celebration of Quinceañera, which is a celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America and elsewhere in Latin American communities. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood.

This was made possible by funding from a grant from the NC Council of Arts, a donation by the New Bern Women’s Club and funds from Craven Concerts, Inc.

Presidio Brass performs for Havelock Middle School and Havelock High School on March 4, 2017

On the afternoon of March 14, 2017, Presidio Brass presented a program in the Havelock High School auditorium for students at Havelock Middle School and Havelock High School.   The program included an interactive component with the audience, as well as featuring some of their music.  Craven Concerts, Inc. funded this outreach program.  We are hoping to do at least two outreach programs with the local school system each season to help our children experience and develop a love of music.